Select Group Exhibitions

2017 WitchFest North Exhibit, Fleishman Gallery, Wonder Works, Toronto, ON. Canada
2017 An UnNatural History, TEST Gallery, Toronto, ON. Canada
2017 Visionary Alchemy, ONE Art Space, New York, NY. USA
2016 IMAGINATION REIGNS, Kajara’s ART SPACE and Studio, Ubud, Bali
2016 The Practical Application of The Occult In Music and ART, Gallery 8-11, Toronto, Canada
2016 Art of IMAGINATION Exhibit, Escuela Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes Diego Quise Tito del Cusco, Cusco, Peru
2015 Memento Umbrae – Group Exhibit with Gorgon Collective, The Hermit’s Lamp, Toronto, Canada
2014 AOI Toronto Art for Peace Exhibition, Moniker Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2013 Dark Arts Series, Moniker Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012 LIGHT BRINGERS GROUP ART EXHIBIT, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada
2006 Soulpact, Spin Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2005, 2006 Old Clothing Show, Toronto, Canada (Silkscreens for Stiletto Boys Clothing)
2004 Gag The Gallery, Hamilton, Canada
2003 The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, B-Side Lounge, Fez Batik, Toronto, Canada
2003 Hamilton Arts Council, Hamilton, Canada
1999 Bountiful Woman, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Community Gallery, Hamilton, Canada
1998 Venus Rising, Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage, Hamilton, Canada
1998 Various Artists Treason Gallery, Hamilton, Canada
1997  Bountiful Woman, Hamilton Public Library, Hamilton, Canada
1997  Inverted Eye, Gallery on King, Hamilton, Canada

Sound and VISION- Collaborative Multi-Media Work

2017 The Center Cannot Hold,  American Film Institute Musical composition Soundtrack production (utilizing ARADIA’S CHANT), California, USA
2013 Suppressed Histories Archive: WOMAN SHAMAN DVD- The Oldest Shamans- (percussive extract from ARADIA’S CHANT), California, USA
2009 ARADIA’S CHANT- personally composed and performed recording, Toronto, Canada
2001-2004 Body painting / photographs, with Stan Rath, Hamilton, Canada
2000 FourPlay, Sidewalk Performance Art, Hamilton, Canada
2000 Capricornacopia, Women’s Bookstop, Hamilton, Canada
1998 Venus Rising, Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage, Hamilton, Canada
1997-1998 Cabaret Noir, Polo’s Lounge
1997 Cabaret Noir, Treason Gallery

Collections (Public, Private, Corporate)

2005 Transformation, Quebec, Private Collection
2004 Pele (Ink and Gouache), California, Corporate Collection
2004 Various Body Painting photos, New York, Private Collections
1999 Femina Inculta Pendentis, Hamilton, Private Collection
1996 Portrait of a Young Girl, Hamilton, Private Collection
1995 Crone Moon, Hamilton, Private Collection


2018 Witchfest North, Official 2018 Emblem Design, Toronto, Canada
2008-present BMV Bookstores, Sign Painting and Merchandising Art, Toronto, Canada
2012 Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute, Large-scale Mural, Toronto, Canada
2000-2006 Spiral Dance Program, Daughters of the Goddess
2004-2005 Branding, Catalogue and Marketing Materials Stiletto Boys Clothing, Toronto, Canada
2003-2004 Logo, Banner & Merchandising Media Poisoned Aeros (Musical Group)
2002-2003 Sign Painting Hamilton Wentworth Board of Education, Hamilton, Canada
2002-2003 Sign Painting Ellen Fairclough Building, Hamilton, Canada
2002-2003 Sign Painting, John Sopinka Provincial Court House, Hamilton, Canada
1997 “Autumn”, CD cover design, Ken Baird
1996 Logo and Merchandising, Gorp (Musical Group)

Panels/Appearances (selected)

2019 Workshop: Martial Arts as a Magickal Practice, Black Flame International Esoteric Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada
2018 Presentation: Sanguis et Tenebrae: Embracing the Alchemy and Magick of Babalon, International Congress of Witchcraft and Magic Symposium
2017 Presentation: Shadow-work and the Dark Goddess, Witches and Wild Women Conference, organized by WIMA Toronto, ON
2017 Presentation: Female Empowerment and the Dark Goddess Archetype, World Goddess Day Symposium

Select Media

2017 The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast Interview
2017 PTRN Internet Radio Interview: LUNATIC MONDAYS with Laura Gonzalez featuring Live Oneiromantic Divination, One Year Anniversary of Lunatic Mondays Programme. Chicago.
2016 WitchFest North: The Witches Aren’t Going Anywhere After Hallowe’en Toronto Star.
2016 PTRN Internet Radio Interview: LUNATIC MONDAYS with Laura Gonzalez featuring Multidimensional Visionary Artist and Witch, Rosmarinus Stehlik. Chicago.
2005 CD, The Return of the Double Feature Creatures, The Double Feature Creatures. Musical, and Artistic contributions.
2005 VIEW Magazine, October edition. Poisoned Aeros “Return”
2005 Music Video, produced by Ray Lyell, creative direction by Rosemary Stehlik
2004 CD, Turbulence, The Poisoned Aeros. Band member.
April 2004 Live stream of Poisoned Aeros performing at CBGB
2004 Song, “Ain’t Happenin’” included on Wakestock DVD
2003 Radio broadcasts of Poisoned Aeros on MOJO Radio, 101.5 Mohawk Radio, CFMU Radio, and Y108 Radio

Professional Affiliations

The International Society for Art of Imagination


1996 Honours BA, Art History, McMaster University
1996 BA, Religious Studies, McMaster University
1994 Honours BA, Fine Arts, McMaster University