Rosemary Stehlik is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Painter.  The Alchemy of her vast work  “transmutes the base metals of human collective unconscious experience into personal and trans-personal gold”; delving deeply into the cosmic current of the feminine principle, her work invokes the eternal  archetypes of the soul, shadow-work, and touches liminal spaces of the subconscious mind, oneiromancy and the occult. Her paintings explore the multi-dimensional realms of the mystical and the mysterious;  magic and the enigmatic; exploring fear and power, and the soul’s journey through the darker sides of human impulses, nightmares, and the deeper regions of the self where hidden shadows yearn to shape shift into exalted states of empowerment.

Rosemary is a pioneering member of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Artists of Imagination.

As a graduate of McMaster University in Canada, Rosemary was awarded Bachelor of Arts Degrees (with Honours ) in Fine Arts and Art History, respectively.  She also has a minor degree in Religious Studies, specializing in Cross-Cultural Spirituality, Feminist Witchcraft, Transpersonal Mysticism, Astrology and the Tarot.