Premiering JULY 4, 2017: Witches & Wild WOMEN~ Invoking WYRD VISIONS of Liberation with Multi-Dimensional Artist Rosemary Stehlik at WIMA’s Toronto Symposium of Feminine Empowerment

I am Honoured to Share that the EMPOWERED WIMA Community has reached out through the lens of Their Profound Vision seeking Solidarity… My Vibration is in Authentic Synchronicity with their Radiant Purpose, and WIMA’s Far-Seeing Vision is Sound….
This is the Work of the WARRIORESS WITCH~~  I am Honoured to be Called to Service! WIMA is Hosting the Witches and Wild Women Symposium on JULY 4th, 2017 at The ildsjel Community Organization at 4 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON.


In celebration of the Government of Canada finally repealing a law that made it illegal to practise Witchcraft, WIMA brings you a magickal night of storytelling by Witches & Wild Women.
For centuries society has been indoctrinated into believing that witches were sinister and evil. Today, the fear of Witches still exist which still makes people fear declaring their beliefs.
WIMA believes that this is the right time to bring women together to explore the spiritual evolution of Witchcraft.

Come join us for a night of powerful Sister-Witch storytelling. Learn how to release your inner Priestess through divine feminine spirituality from women who have reclaimed the name Witch as a holy healer.

We are delighted to feature some of the wildest and spiritual witches in the city who will convey stories and will offer keys on liberating your inner Witch.

You do not want to miss this exciting night of tales and tunes!!
Doors at 5 pm
$10 @ Door!

Meet our Magickal Priestesses~~

CASSANDRA THOMPSON is a conjure womyn & creator.
She is an ancestor- and community-taught life-student of afro-diasporic herb medicine and magick.
As a past front-line grassroots activist, Cassandra’s work remains dedicated to the healing of two-spirit, trans and queer IBPOC.
Her writing has been published in From the Root Zine, Illustrated Impact, Briarpatch Magazine and The Peak’s ‘Medicine Issue’, to name a few.
She recently founded Crystal Root & Conjure, a curios company & apothecary that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual practice of afro-diasporic folk magic and medicine, otherwise known as ‘root work’ or ‘doctoring the root.’ She uses nature based alchemy and ritual to blend fresh and dried herbs, roots and minerals into mixtures for protection, healing and self care.
She is currently an apotheker at The Witches Brew in Toronto, is working on a queer POC children’s book, and pursuing her dream of becoming a birth worker & healer in afrodiasporic tradition, inclusive of the trans & queer IBPOC community.

Instagram: @crystalrootandconjure
Twitter: @rootandconjure”

“…..Greetings to our witch ROSMARINUS STEHLIK!
She is an individual with extensive exploration and accomplishments in visual art, occult, witchcraft, martial arts. The stories of her life as a “Living Work of Art in Perpetual Motion” is bursting with unique experiences, perspective, and raw truths! You do not want to miss this opportunity to dive deeply into her mystic waters!
‘…Rosmarinus Stehlik is a multidimensional Priestess whose Vision embodies a vast paradigm of Cosmick Consciousness’ ”  ~ WIMA, July 2017.

Portrait of The ARTIST Aspecting The Great Gorgon MEDUSA. Medusa Headdress: Leather; Mixed Media~ forged in concept, visual aesthetic and physical reality by Rosemary Stehlik. 2008. Photo Credit: David Fabbri. Copyright, R.Stehlik 2008-2017. All Rights Reserved.

Rosemary Stehlik
(Rosmarinus) is a Living Work of Art in Perpetual Motion~ Oneiromancer, Shadow Worker, Fine Arts Visionary, Intergalactic Creatrix of Sight Sound and Movement, Cosmick Witch, Thelemic Priestess, Astrologer, Iconoclast, Feminist Futurist, Occult Practitioner, Conduit of the Mysteries, Martial Artist, and overall Oracular Warrioress. Rosmarinus Stehlik is an Initiate of Many Secret Orders and Eclectic Paths spanning over two decades; she has seasoned experience unfolding within diverse Magickal contexts: some of which include such Honoured placements of Leadership and Practicum in Realms of The O.T.O, The Temple Auset Serpentarius (a Canadian Grove of the Internationally respected Fellowship residing under the umbrella of Olivia Robertson’s Vision), The Multifarious Cosmick Path of Witchcraft, and the Full-Path engagement of, and Practice in the Ways of Shaolin Kung FU, culminating with her medal-award winning participation in the 10th Zhengzhou International Wushu Championship in China in October of 2014. Exhibiting refined levels of leadership, Rosmarinus Stehlik has participated in many Martial Arts tournaments and demonstrations, and was selected by 34th Generation Shaolin Grand Master Warrior Monk, Shifu Shi Guo Song, to stand before a Global Athletic Council and swear an Oath of Integrity on behalf of an International Contingent of Athletes in Deng Feng for what is known as the Olympics of Kung FU before thousands of spectators, participants and judges. She is the student of 35th Generation Shaolin disciple Shi Chang Dao, and was the First student selected to become an instructor of the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute~ teaching Kung Fu Empowerment to Adults and Children alike, and continues to do so as of this writing. Rosmarinus Stehlik is a pioneering member of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Artists of Imagination, and has Exhibited her Fine Art Internationally. She is an Active Facilitator of Sacred Space that serves to Invoke Humanity’s Deepest Soul Incarnation in accordance with the Higher Wisdom of the Cosmos, every day. Rosmarinus Stehlik is a multidimensional Priestess whose Vision embodies a vast paradigm of Cosmick Consciousness. Her values reside in the capacity for Honouring the Sacredness and diversity inherent in the Multifarious Voices of the Magickal World; co-creation, Humanitarian Unity, Freedom of Creative Expression, Occult Integrity, Feminist Spirituality, Cosmick Consciousness and living by Thelemic Philosophies are but a few aspects that are of primary importance to her, with a Vision of Reverence, and Gentle Loving Kindness at its centre. Informed by a Spiritual Paradigm that is Cosmick, she fosters Interfaith dialogue within diverse Occult Spheres, motivated by a core ethos of Love and Mindfulness. Rosmarinus Stehlik is a Multidisciplinary Artist and Graduate of McMaster University in Canada, holding two Honours B.A Degrees in Fine Arts and Art History, respectively; with a minor degree in Religious Studies- specializing in Cross-Cultural Spirituality, Feminist Witchcraft, Transpersonal Mysticism, Astrology and the Tarot.

**Official Website:
**Instagram: rosemary_stehlik

† chrysanthemum white alder † was born in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. She works predominantly in the medium of performance but her practice is also informed by music, illustration and writing. Alder’s work is heavily influenced by her spiritual praxis as a pagan mystic. In her work she attempts to weave narratives both intensely personal, yet universal and considers art to be a medium of self and societal transformation.

Alder completed a BFA at Concordia University in Intermedia & Cyberarts in 2009. She has self-published an experimental art book that explores the nature of custodianship and has recently completed a work of occult philosophy on psychic self-defence and resiliency. Alder is a regular contributor to the online journal Spiral Nature and lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

*Jae*    is a queer, gender fluid, poc practitioner of spiritualism and contemporary witchcraft. Thier magic mostly involves healing ancestral patterns of trauma as well as working with individual bodies, especially queer and femme folks, to balance the spiritual forces that surround themselves. They practice Espiritismo, a spiritist practice rooted in Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) Diasporic mediumship traditions, as well as conjuration and rootwork.

Witchy Performances by:

Brooklyn Doran

Gillian Nicola

Chargall Sierra (Kirrivath)

Here is a timeline for the Witches and Wild Women Event This Evening: #warriorwomenunite.
5PM- Witchy Vendor Market Opens
6:00 Music performance by Brooklyn Doran
6:45 Speaker- Naomi Ramlochan
7:00 Speaker- Jae Tang
7:30 Music performance by Gillian Nicola
8:00 Speaker- Rosemary Stehlik (Rosmarinus)
8:30 Speaker- † chrysanthemum white alder †
9:00 Music Peformance by Chagall Sierra
9:15 Speaker Cassandra Thompson
Q & A with our Magickal Witches5PM- Witchy Vendor Market Opens
6:00 Music performance by Brooklyn Doran
6:45 Speaker- Naomi Ramlochan
7:00 Speaker- Jae Tang
7:30 Music performance by Gillian Nicola
8:00 Speaker- Rosemary Stehlik (Rosmarinus)
8:30 Speaker- † chrysanthemum white alder †
9:00 Music Peformance by Chagall Sierra
9:15 Speaker Cassandra Thompson
Q & A with our Magickal Witches

WIMA’s goal is to create safe-positve spaces at our facilitated events for woman/queer artists in Toronto’s arts community to showcase and celebrate their creative transformations and expressions.
We host arts events where we can speak about feminism (intersectional) and womanism as well as misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, sexual assault, gender-based violence, ending rape culture, by reinforcing a zero tolerance community in our scene.
Creating a zero tolerance community means that in our art showcases and party scenes the community refuses to accept misogyny, rape apologists, rape culture, racism, ableism, transphobia, and gender-based violence. Zero tolerance can be achieved by not allowing perpetrators of rape, abuse, harassment, and stalking to enter our community spaces; refusing any sort of rape apology, slut-shaming, victim blaming, and harassing behaviour in our spaces; enforcing respect for people’s gender identities and sexual orientations; and promoting/supporting survivors of gender-based violence, rape, and intimate partner abuse.
Our vision is to promote, enable, and support non-binary and women, cis/trans/under age/ femme/lesbian/, involved in all art forms, as well as enforce a zero tolerance in all of our arts community.